Occupational Therapist - Owner of Willow Tree OT

Over the past 25+ years of my career as an Occupational Therapist, I have had the opportunity to provide early intervention, school based, and private practice services. My experiences have provided opportunities to explore various approaches to treatment that take the whole child into perspective.  These experiences have also led me to the importance of incorporating a natural approach into all aspects of my work, from use of materials and therapeutic tools, to use of the outdoor environment as part of the therapeutic process.

At Willow Tree Occupational Therapy we are excited to be able to help children build motor skills, visual perceptual skills, core strength, sensory modulation skills, and social-emotional skills in a nurturing environment surrounded by natural opportunities for exploration and growth! 



Occupational Therapy Student

Hannah is a third year student, studying Occupational Therapy. She has worked with children in a variety of settings-both one on one and in groups/camp offerings. She is kind and creative, having a diverse background full of experiences with handwork and natural play. She has worked with adults with disabilities as part of the Special Olympics Equestrian Program and has a strong interest in the therapeutic benefits of horse back riding, as well as animal assisted therapy. She will be working at Willow Tree Occupational Therapy to help run our OT Inspired Groups.

Hannah in the woods.jfif


Occupational Therapist

Nicole has 12 years experience as an Occupational Therapist. She has worked in both the Skilled Nursing Facility field and in the School System.
Nicole currently works with Willow Tree Occupational Therapy to provide contracted school based OT services to our local school system. In the school setting she works with our kindergarten through grade 5 students to perform evaluations, create treatment plans, provide direct intervention, and to consult with educational staff. 
Nicole brings along her caring spirit and strong knowledge base to provide quality OT services to the children she works with.