Our Goal

Our goal is to help children of all ages flourish inside and out by building confidence, compassion, and community.

Children are spending less and less time inside and out in free play. Screen time has steadily increased and children tend to get their movement opportunities primarily through scheduled adult-led activities. We have seen an increase in sensory modulation difficulties and social-emotional struggles as well as a steady decline in social skills, fine and gross motor coordination, visual perceptual skills, and core strength. There is a great deal of research supporting the benefits of Occupational Therapy and incorporating the therapeutic use of the natural environment. Willow Tree OT is blessed to be the first clinic in the area utilizing this approach.

Playing, working at school or in the community, caring for oneself, and socializing are all occupations of childhood. Occupational Therapy utilizing a nature based approach,  addresses deficits in all of these areas through a child centered approach that positively impacts the daily lives of the children worked with, their families, and those who they come into contact with in the community. Utilizing nature and the natural environment in all aspects of the therapeutic process helps foster healthy development in children's physical and mental health. Children grow their minds and bodies simply by being given the opportunity to explore, grow, and learn in the natural environment.