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What We Do


Clinic-Based Occupational Therapy

When referred for Clinic Based Occupational Therapy services, the first step for your child will be to participate in an Occupational Therapy evaluation to determine the need for therapy and to identify their specific challenges. Based on this assessment, we will determine what interventions or strategies are most effective for improving the child's skills in these areas of challenge. From there, we will develop a treatment plan that incorporates natural materials and nature into a fun and nurturing approach to therapy in a one-on-one environment.

Our approach utilizes the outside environment in all weather-so please dress your child appropriately for the outdoor conditions each season. 

School-Based Occupational Therapy

WTOT provides school-based services to the local school system, including Pre-K through grade 12. These services are decided upon by the educational team and must be educationally relevant. School based OT's observe, assess, and address the child’s strengths and needs within the natural school settings (e.g., classroom, lunchroom, playground) in order to support the student’s educational program. Services may be directed to the child and on behalf of the child in the school environment (e.g., training educational staff). A child who is receiving school-based OT services may also qualify for clinic-based OT services which typically assess and address the child’s strengths and needs in a clinic setting in order to support participation in life activities. The focus in non-school settings may be more varied and may or may not address specific educational needs.

Nature Connection Groups

Willow Tree Occupational Therapy offers year-round outdoor nature groups developed by an Occupational Therapist for your child to experience nature through play and practical experiences.  By building their nature connection, children will work on skills that benefit their body and mind, including fine & gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, executive function skills, life skills, and cooperation and teamwork, all while producing confidence, compassion and community.   Your child will have the opportunity to participate in activities including, but not limited to: simple woodworking; gardening- from seed to harvest to table; foraging, cider pressing; fiber crafts/handwork; farm animal friend visits; and open-ended play opportunities in the fresh outdoor air.

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